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Score Reporting

After each game, the coach of the Winning Team must submit the final score with inning count and any other issues or comments.  If the game ends in a tie, both teams must report the score.  Scores must be reported before the end of each week.  Any games not reported will be entered as a 0-0 tie in the season standings.


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Police Record checks are required to be completed prior to May 2024. 
If you have any questions please email 
You can download the league request letter HERE
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Get the most out of your scheduled practice times by using these resources from Softball Canada: Coaches Guides


As the primary point of contact for league participants, it is very important that you learn and fully understand the full text of St. Thomas Optimist Softball's Policies and Codes of Conduct documents:

Social Medial Policy

Ethics & Behaviour Code of Conduct

Steps for Coach and Umpire Communications During a Game

1. Communication, especially feedback or questions, between coaches and umpires should always be made outside of the live playing time.

2. If a coach needs to urgently address an issue with an umpire, or make a protest, they will call TIME and go closer to the umpire to discuss; never talking from the dugout or across the diamond to the umpire

3. A protest can only be made in the event that a rule has been enforced incorrectly - i.e. a force out not called.  No protests or arguing is allowed for strikes/balls or other judgement calls by the umpire

4. Coaches should hold any non-urgent feedback for after the game.

5. For any in-game conferences, both coaches should be included in the conversation with the umpire


Coaches encourage participants of all ages to continue in the Sport for fun, fitness, skill development and social interaction. This training allows coaches to help their players to love softball, learn more skills and continue participation. Find links to register and more information here: Softball Ontario Community Softball Coach Clinic


Attention 2024 Optimist Softball Association Coaches! 
All coaches must complete these steps prior to the season start:

  1. Complete your Coaching Application form

  2. Provide your current Police Record Check (Vulnerable Sector)

  3. Review the Safe Sport 101 Playbook 

Coaching applications are CLOSED for 2024 - thank you to our Volunteers!

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